Korean Barbecue Resturant in Georgia Brings in LG CLOI ServeBots to Help Serve Dishes to Customers

Arirang K said the robots have helped servers handle more dishes and have entertained customers.


The restaurant said the robots have not only helped servers do their jobs better, but have also entertained customers.
Four LG CLOI ServeBots are being used at Arirang K, a Korean barbecue spot in Georgia, U.S.

A Korean barbecue spot in Johns Creek, Georgia has invested in four LG CLOi ServeBot robotic assistants to help it carry dishes to customers. Arirang K has been using the robots since Jun 2022 and said both employees and customers alike have enjoyed interacting with the robots.

The LG CLOI ServeBots are equipped with three shelves that can each carry items up to 22 lb. The robots, which last for about 11 hours on a charge, can be controlled by voice and navigate to specific tables and the back of the kitchen.

The restaurant said the robots have helped servers save time and has increased efficiency throughout the restaurant.

“We’ve been serving gourmet Korean barbecue and sushi for just over three years now, and we are always looking for ways to improve the guest experience and provide better service without increasing costs,” said Miok Kim, general manager of Arirang K, in a statement.

“LG is one of South Korea’s most respected technology companies, so we were excited about the chance to try out their brand-new robot, Kim said. “Its cutting-edge sensors and programming accurately deliver food to customers and assist wait staff by reducing kitchen runs.”

Kim said the restaurant initially invested in two robots, but decided to bring on two more after finding success with the first two. Kim added that the robots have brought “a new and exciting experience for virtually all our customers.”  

ServeBot helps carry hot plates

Taylor Robinson, a server at the restaurant, told LG in a statement that robots have helped make their job easier, especially when dealing with hotter places.

“They take a lot off my shoulders, literally off my hands,” Robinson explained. “I’m able to meet the customer at the table and hand the food off without any problems. Not to mention that customers just like seeing the robots in general, especially kids, who get really excited about them.”

LG said Arirang K said it may start using the serving robots in another upcoming restaurant it will be opening soon.

Aaron Kim of Bravo E Tech, a U.S. distributor of ServeBot, introduced the robots to the restaurant, according to LG. The company primarily produces and sells commercial-grade golf simulators. It already had a preexisting relationship with LG since it uses LG TVs for its simulators. It decided to start selling ServeBot because it said it falls in along with its business model.

“While the owners of Arirang K weren’t sure how the robots would perform or fit in with their daily operations, they understood the value of being the first place their customers would experience a robotic wait staff assistant. After just two weeks, the first two LG ServeBots had already proved to be a hit among guests and staff, so they ordered two more. I think that speaks for itself.”


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The restaurant said the robots have not only helped servers do their jobs better, but have also entertained customers.

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