MODEX 2024: LG Business Solutions USA to launch warehouse package moving AMR

AI-enabled CLOi CarryBot designed to move packages between employees

LG Business Solutions USA

LG’s CLOi CarryBot for warehouse applications can be configured with shelves or rollers for containers. The AI-enabled cobot integrates with material control and fleet management systems
LG Business Solutions USA will officially launch its new AI-enabled LG CLOi CarryBot family for transferring small-to-medium packages between warehouse employees.

Electronic systems provider and integrator LG Business Solutions USA recently announced it will officially launch its new LG CLOi CarryBot family of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at MODEX 2024 in booth A11918. 

The company will also preview P5G, its private 5G technology under development for dedicated robot networks. 

The trade show will be held March 11-14 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. 

Cobot for moving items between employee work zones

LG said its CLOi CarryBots are designed to navigate complex floor plans to move and deliver small-to-medium items in customizable configurations, with loading and unloading performed by workers.

“The new LG CLOi CarryBot can immediately begin solving warehouse inefficiencies by providing on-time movements and consistent, reliable operation that allows workers to stay within their zones and increase productivity,” said Tom Bingham, senior director of LG Business Solutions USA. “CLOi CarryBot offers seamless package movement and delivery within a warehouse and eliminates the need for workers to physically transport packages.”

Having already launched autonomous robots that transport products, guide customers, deliver foods and beverages, and provide information in commercial settings, LG is now expanding its robotic line to serve warehouse applications in North America.

CLOi CarryBot to be offered in shelf and rolling container configurations

LG’s CLOi CarryBot operates at a top speed of 2.7 miles per hour, with a typical runtime of 18.5 hours, and autonomous dock charging time of 6 hours. At the end of its “shift,” or when power is low, the LG CLOi CarryBot can automatically return to a designated multi-AMR charging dock.

The Mounting Type CLOi CarryBot will feature two shelves that are 30 inches wide and 16.5 inches deep for transporting smaller packages or use in tight spaces. The cobot will feature a front-facing 9.2-inch touchscreen and an integrated holder for barcode scanners.

The Rolltainer Type CLOi CarryBot will combine the autonomous abilities of CLOi CarryBot with the large platform of a traditional rolling container, with two shelves that can accommodate packages up to 29 inches wide and 19 inches deep. The 9.2-inch touchscreen will be rear mounted for easy accessibility.

AI, WMS, and fleet management integration to optimize deliveries

LG said its CLOi CarryBot features an autonomous navigation platform and Wi-Fi capabilities. The cobot’s machine learning software allows integration with facets of warehouse management systems (WMS), including material control and robot fleet management systems.

Interfacing with material control systems will enable smart order grouping, picking item categorization, order information distribution, and total picking cooperation support including notations of shortages or skipped items. 

The company said its new package-moving AMR can be programmed for any floor plan with unlimited pickup and delivery points, allowing for multi-point deliveries. AI-enhanced decision making will streamline deliveries when multiple AMRs are servicing a single zone. 

Fleet management system integration will provide path-planning for multi-AMR users, intelligent AMR fleet navigation and prioritization, traffic balancing and detouring, obstacle avoidance, and automated return for dock charging. 

On the backend, the robot management system will provide managers instant access to information about each AMR, including location, status, alerts for abnormal interactions, and statistical data to support decision making.

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LG Business Solutions USA

LG’s CLOi CarryBot for warehouse applications can be configured with shelves or rollers for containers. The AI-enabled cobot integrates with material control and fleet management systems

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