MODEX 2024: AFORMIC showcases flexible next-generation autonomous mobile robots

Customizing AMRs unlocks new possibilities for production


AFORMIC announced the release of its AMRs into the North American market during MODEX 2024.
AFORMIC announced the releases of its autonomous mobile robot fleet to the U.S. market at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta.

AFORMIC, a provider of autonomous intralogistics offerings, opened its showroom of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for flexible manufacturing and warehousing during MODEX 2024.

As part of the AIUT Group - one of Europe’s largest robotic and automation integrators -  AFORMIC is implementing its intralogistics offerings in the North American market. AFORMIC works to understand the needs of smart factories to increase production flexibility and automate goods delivery. The company offers customized AMRs to help deliver a smart factory fleet management package, that it demonstrated during the show in Atlanta.

Autonomous robots in intralogistics

AFORMIC’s smart robotics option offers real-time intralogistics management by providing automation in material handling, which reduces operational expenses and increases efficiency in manufacturing and warehouse processes. It includes an AI-powered integrated software management system, called Qursor, as well as customized F series AMRs. The AFORMIC intralogistics platform provides comprehensive automation and control of internal transportation operations in industrial plants and warehouses.

The automation of internal delivery processes is currently a major trend in intralogistics development,” said Tim Meyer, vice president of AFORMIC. “In this regard, the global market is being revolutionized by comprehensive systems based on autonomous mobile robots. It is worth emphasizing that the key to agile manufacturing lies in a deeply integrated intralogistics software suite with the factory environment.”

Customizing AMRs unlocks new possibilities for production

Aformic's business strategy aims to tailor the offering to the individual needs of each company. Customization applies to both the software system and the mobile robots from AFORMIC, as well as other devices and equipment that are part of the vehicle's setup.

“Our robots are implemented using process simulation to test and optimize their behavior in virtual environments,” said Tommie Watts, vice president of sales and automation at AFORMIC. “AFORMIC’s AMRs move materials and products around a factory floor, adapting to changing production needs and minimizing the need for human intervention. The weight and size of goods transported by AMRs F series becomes less important, as we can adapt the vehicle to the specific products and equip the robot with additional accessories.”

It's not just about automating point-to-point deliveries,” said Marek Drewniak, R&D section manager in AUIT’s automation control department at AIUT. “For example, AFORMIC AMRs are implemented as product carriers and automate the flow of goods within the facility and warehouse. However, this type of AMR can also be an integral part of the production process, ensuring the transport of the manufactured product or interacting directly with automation and information systems.”

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AFORMIC announced the release of its AMRs into the North American market during MODEX 2024.

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