Aformic Offers Mobile Robots, Management Software for Flexible Manufacturing at Automate 2023

Aformic said its transport hardware and software can be customized to the needs of each factory or warehouse facility.


Aformic is offering its AMRs and software to manufacturers worldwide.
Aformic, a unit of Polish industrial systems provider AIUT, will show its Formica mobile robots and Qursor management software for materials handling in Detroit this week.

Aformic Inc. has announced that it will open a showroom for its Formica autonomous mobile robots, or AMRs, at Automate 2023 this week. The Duncan, S.C.-based company also said it will show its intralogistics technologies in Detroit.

“The Aformic smart robotics solution is a proven choice for real-time intralogistics management, by providing automation in material handling to reduce operational expenses and increase efficiency in manufacturing and warehouse processes,” said Tommie Watts, vice president of sales and automation at Aformic.

A subsidiary of AIUT Group, a Poland-based provider of integrated industrial systems, Aformic said its smart systems can bring intralogistics operations to a higher standard. The company combines its customized transportation robots with fleet management software to meet business needs.

AIUT has established Aformic as a local engineering center to provide real-time support, development, and assistance throughout the entire system life cycle. AIUT said it delivers advanced industrial engineering, as well as state-of-the-art enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).

Aformic to show Formic family, Qursor software

Aformic said it plans to show its latest Formica AMRs to automate goods delivery and increase production flexibility at Booth 2850 at Automate. The system includes an AI-powered integrated software management system called Qursor, as well as customized, next-generation AMRs.

The company claimed that its logistics platform provides comprehensive automation and control of internal transportation operations in industrial plants and warehouses. Aformic said its business strategy aims to perfectly tailor the system to the individual needs of each company.

Customization applies to both the software system and the mobile robots from the Formica family, as well as other devices and equipment that are part of the vehicle's setup, said Aformic.

“We offer a flexible and comprehensive intralogistics system that is tailored to the needs and the character of your facility,” stated Watts in a press release. “Our AMR robots provide efficient, unmanned transportation of any load, thus maximizing the efficiency of logistics operations in manufacturing plants.”

“They easily optimize material handling in warehouses and distribution centers,” he added. “This enables more responsive and agile production processes.”

The Formica robots use advanced sensors and mapping technology to adjust real-time maps of the environment and modify their paths in response to changes in the environment, such as obstacles or new paths.

“Our robots are implemented using process simulation to test and optimize their behavior in virtual environments,” Watts explained. “Aformic’s AMRs move materials and products around a factory floor, adapting to changing production needs and minimizing the need for human intervention.”

A digital ecosystem to increase profitability

“With over 30 years of industrial engineering expertise, we see the future of manufacturing with the bigger picture in mind,” said Marek Gabryś, president of AIUT Group. “Turning a production facility into a Smart Factory requires solutions and technologies that will combine production and intralogistics, building one coherent automated and digitalized ecosystem.”

“Its important element will be mobile robots, which will play a key role in the future of many industries,” he stated. “That is why we have designed a comprehensive, advanced intralogistics AMR-based solution that opens up new possibilities in the field of material handling and flexible production.”

Aformic said its intralogistics system can be fully integrated with other plant systems, enabling smooth flow of information, plus efficient and error-free deliveries by AMRs in a dynamic environment. The system manages transport operations without the need for operator supervision by intelligently adapting to varying environmental conditions and the current task hierarchy set by production and warehouse systems, it said.

Another innovation is the possibility of extending the competencies of the Aformic system to all logistics processes within a company, said Aformic. Built with Industry 4.0 in mind, the system enables management of all intralogistics processes—including robotic deliveries and traditional transportation carried out by forklifts if they are in use, said the company.

Aformic said an integral part of its offering is system simulation and virtual commissioning, while allow for estimates of the real costs of physical implementation and the return on investment (ROI). This makes it possible to optimize flows and routes as well as to select vehicles and their proper configuration—even before the actual implementation, said Aformic.

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) hosts Automate, which takes place from May 22 to 25 at the Huntington Place Convention Center. For more coverage around Automate, visit Robotics 24/7's special coverage page.

AIUT Formica is the robotics division of the Polish industrial automation company.

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Aformic is offering its AMRs and software to manufacturers worldwide.

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