Realtime Robotics Partners With FANUC and Schaeffler to Showcase Motion Planning at Automatica 2023

The company said the motion planning software enables multi-robot coordination, collision-free programming, validation, testing and operations.

Realtime Robotics

Realtime Robotics offers motion planning software for industrial robots.
Realtime Robotics will showcase its technology in several demos highlighting the power of of its Realtime RapidPlan software.

Realtime Robotics, a provider collision-free autonomous motion planning for industrial robots, today announced that it will be on-site at the upcoming Automatica 2023 trade show, taking place from June 27-30, 2023, in Munich, Germany.

There will be several opportunities for attendees to experience Realtime’s innovative motion control and collision avoidance technology on the show floor, the Boston based company said.   

“The applications of our innovative RapidPlan robot motion control and collision avoidance software are endless, as can be seen in the demos here at Automatica 2023,” said Rafiq Iqbal, director of European business development at Realtime Robotics. “We’re thrilled to be able to present these interactive demos with our close partners, highlighting just some of the ways that the logistics and manufacturing industry are integrating the latest technologies to transform the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.”

Realtime technology to be used by FANUC and Schaeffler Special Machinery

In the Automatica TestZone, taking place in Booth A5.530, Realtime’s technology will be on display in an industrial assembly screw automation using two FANUC 200iD 7L robots, one ABB IRB 1200 5-90 robot, and one KUKA KR_6_R700 robot.

Users will be able to control the robots using a touch pendant (sending robots to single targets at a time and then jogging the robots to see if there is a collision), changing the sequence of the program easily.

The demo shows the power of Realtime’s RapidPlan to enable multi-robot coordination, collision-free programming, validation, testing and operations, according to Realtime Robotics.  

FANUC Deutschland GmbH, Booth B6.231, will host a demo cell which incorporates Realtime’s motion planning into a textile handling application from sewts GmbH. In the demo, sewts’ advanced image processing capabilities will be on display, highlighting how the technology can accurately identify the edges, contours, corners and other relevant features of a T-shirt.

A robot, under the guidance of Realtime Robotics’ motion control technology, will use the insights from the image processing software to selectively pick up the T-shirt from specific points. This repetitive task will demonstrate the consistency and precision of sewts' image processing algorithms as well as the flexibility and repeatability of robot motions when guided by Realtime.

RapidPlan helps robots return to home position 

In Booth A5.311, Realtime partner Schaeffler Special Machinery will air a video highlighting the company’s RapidPlan technology.

As the number of robots used in any given cell increases, the ability to quickly and cleanly move to the home position when needed also increases in importance. With RapidPlan, moving to the home position becomes very easy - there are no special strategies needed to ensure that the robots do not collide or get in each other’s way on the return path.

No interlocks are needed in the process, which also makes it easy to expand the size of the cell and the amount of robots used within it. In camera-based systems, a single camera can send multiple poses to a common frame, and with RapidPlan, the robots are free to decide which one takes up the task based on a set of variables. Currently, these types of robot controls are difficult with conventional programming.

Creating Multiple Robot States and Tool Center Points (TCPs)

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Realtime Robotics

Realtime Robotics offers motion planning software for industrial robots.

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