ST Microelectronics reveals new microcontroller for industrial automation

STM32H7 designed with microprocessor-like graphics functions and cybersecurity features

ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics new STM32H7 line of microcontrollers features microprocessor-like graphics functions and security features for IoT embedded applications.
Electronics semiconductor provider ST Microelectronics’ new STM32H7 line of microcontrollers include microprocessor-like graphics functions and security features.

Electronics semiconductor provider ST Microelectronics recently revealed a new line of microcontrollers (MCUs) for a variety of embedded applications, including industrial automation

The company’s new STM32H7 MCU combines the performance, scalability, and security of microprocessor-based systems that are typically more complex with the simplicity and integration of MCUs.

ST said its STM32H7 MCU allows producers of equipment including smart appliances, smart building controllers, industrial automation, and personal medical devices to evolve their products. Examples include adding richer, more colorful user interfaces and performing multiple functions simultaneously, which is usually achieved with microprocessors (MPU).

“The latest STM32H7 devices let designers address even more use cases within this powerful ecosystem,” said Patrick Aidoune, general purpose MCU division general manager of STMicroelectronics. “Its MPU-like qualities deliver outstanding core performance with the peripheral integration and convenience of an MCU, at a cost-effective price point.”

General purpose and enhanced graphics handling MCUs

The STM32H7 MCUs combine ST’s Arm Cortex-M7 running at up to 600MHz with minimal on-chip memory and high-speed external interfaces. They let engineers build systems with extra performance and flexibility using simple, low-cost microcontroller development tools. 

The devices available are further divided into the STM32H7R3 and STM32H7S3 general-purpose MCUs, along with the STM32H7R7 and STM32H7S7 MCUs with enhanced graphics-handling capabilities. Developers can share software between the two lines.

“With a dedicated graphics processor and fast memory interfaces on-chip, these MCUs are perfectly aligned with our mission to push the boundaries of what’s possible in embedded displays,” said Kamil Kozlowski, CEO of Riverdi, a customer using STM32H7R/S MCUs in it’s latest generation of display modules. 

Cybersecurity features for embedded IoT applications

ST’s new STM32H7R and STM32H7S microcontrollers come with robust security features, needed to address Internet of Things (IoT) applications. They include protection against physical attacks, memory protection, code isolation to protect applications at runtime, and platform authentication. 

The STM32H7S devices provide further security enhancement by integrating immutable root of trust, debug authentication, and hardware cryptographic accelerators that support the latest algorithms to prevent unauthorized access to code and data. With these security features, the devices are targeting up to SESIP3 and PSA Level 3 certifications.

ST’s new STM32H7 MCUs are scheduled to enter volume production from April 2024. The company’s STM32H7S8-DK demonstration and development platform and its NUCLEO-H7S3L8 MCU board will be available to accelerate building applications using the new devices.

ST also produces stereo video and depth cameras for industrial robots.

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ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics new STM32H7 line of microcontrollers features microprocessor-like graphics functions and security features for IoT embedded applications.

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