TM AI Cobot Series From Techman Robot Combines Vision, Software, and Hardware

The TM AI Cobot is designed to work with vision and native inferencing for ease of deployment.

Techman Robot

The TM AI Cobot is designed for applications including palletizing, inspection, and welding.
The TM AI Cobot series includes native AI processing and smart vision for easy deployment for a range of applications and payloads up to 25 kg, claimed Techman Robot.

Techman Robot Inc. yesterday announced its TM AI Cobot series. The new system combines a collaborative robot arm with a native artificial intelligent inferencing engine and a vision system in a complete package. The TM AI Cobot is ready for deployment in factories, accelerating the transition to Industry 4.0, said the Taiwan-based company.

“Techman Robot has redefined the future of industrial robotics with the introduction of its AI Cobot series [systems] that are equipped with a native AI engine, a powerful and precise robotic arm, and a vision system that represents a perfect combination of 'brain, hands and eyes,'” stated Shi-chi Ho, president of Techman Robot.

“With our all-in-one integrated system and supporting software suite, we lead the industry with ease of integration, accelerating productivity while reinforcing quality and opening new opportunities,” he said.

Founded in 2015, Techman Robot designs and manufactures collaborative robots and smart vision technologies. The subsidiary of Quant Storage Inc. attributed its rapid growth and technology leadership to research and development support, solid financial backing, and the global resources of Quanta Group.

Techman Robot adds AI to cobot

“TM AI Cobot works on the principle of being smart, simple and safe,” said Techman Robot. It combines AI vision processing with a robot arm to perform fast and precise pick-and-place, palletizing, and welding tasks, the company added.

The new cobot is also suitable for automated optical inspections (AOI), semiconductor and product manufacturing, and food-service preparation, among other applications, Techman Robot said. It can work with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), it added.

“It is the only intelligent robotic arm series on the market provided with a comprehensive AI software suite,” claimed Techman.

The TM AI Cobot includes TM AI+ Training Server, TM AI+ AOI Edge, TM Image Manager, and TM 3DVision, allowing companies to train and tailor their systems for their specific needs, said the vendor.

New series strong enough to lift 25 kg

Techman Robot said it has demonstrated its commitment to innovation with the AI Cobot product line, which has a 25 kg (55.1 lb.) payload capacity. The company said it was an “industry first.”

At the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show 2022, Techman Robot demonstated its TM AI Cobot. It said the new model, which builds on its TM Robot S series, will be available at a future date.

Techman Robot's TM AI Cobot conducts palletizing operations at SINTA s.r.l.

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Techman Robot

The TM AI Cobot is designed for applications including palletizing, inspection, and welding.

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