10 Humanoid Robotic Companies to Look Out For

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In August, Chinese consumer technology giant Xiaomi introduced CyberOne, its biped robot. Xiaomi demoed the robot by having it walk on stage during an event in Beijing. The robot is 5.8 ft. tall, and weighs 115 lb. Xiaomi said the robot was developed within Xiaomi’s robotics lab. The company doesn’t plan on mass producing the robot anytime soon. Lei Jun, CEO and founder of Xiaomi, said one CyberOne robot would cost somewhere between $89,100 to $104,00, according to a report from Engadget.

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1. Agility Robotics

2. Apptronik

3. Beyond Imagination

4. Boston Dynamics

5. Engineered Arts

6. Figure

7. Halodi Robotics

8. PAL Robotics

9. Tesla

10. Xiaomi

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