Top 10 Robots and Automation Seen at ProMat 2023

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CoEvolution launches multi-robot orchestration

Integration between strategic partners, mobile platforms and robot arms, and automation and enterprise systems was a significant theme at this year’s ProMat. The balance between proprietary software and open standards is still being worked out, however.

CoEvolution promoted its multi-robot orchestration with its U.S. launch at ProMat. Michael Wong, chief operating officer at CoEvolution, described the company’s software as enabling “high-fidelity simulation and fleet orchestration.”

“Traditional implementations are siloed,” he told Robotics 24/7. “Our software provides one view rather than multiple robot integrations. Our platform is pre-integrated with WMS, ERP, and MES.”

Agilox has more than 800 robots running its software, which doesn’t rely on the Robot Operating System (ROS), said Daniel Zindl, director of products at the company.

“We have full control over the whole hardware and software stack, and our fastest-growing team is software engineering,” he said. “Our system works with fleet managers, so there’s no single point of failure.”

“Being decentralized is a big point of differentiation for us,” he added. “But for the best performance and reliability, it’s best to have one vendor be responsible.”

Robotics integrator and machine builder ONExia said it uses customers’ existing infrastructure to update multiple workstations at once if a box size or SKU changes.

“You can’t customize everything,” acknowledged Tim Pelesky, marketing and sales enablement at ONExia. “We can cost-effectively increase capacity for high-mix, low-volume because we have one human-machine interface for case erecting, palletizing, and packaging.”

Other companies integrating their systems included FANUC and Locus Robotics, as well as Honeywell and OTTO Motors.

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8. CoEvolution launches multi-robot orchestration

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