10 Trends That Shaped the Robotics Industry in 2022

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Humanoid robots take strides

Elon Musk mostly made headlines this year for his purchase and management of social media site Twitter, but he made an impact in the robotics world when he showed Tesla’s humanoid robot, Optimus.

Optimus is far from the most capable or advanced humanoid robot out there. The announcement and the hype around the robot, however, helped respark the conversation about the role humanoids can play in society.

Some other players making waves in the space include Apptronik, who is working with NASA to bring to market its humanoid robot, Apollo, in 2023; Agility Robotics, which developed its legged robot, Digit; and Boston Dynamics, which is famous for its back-flipping robot, Atlas.

Check out the slideshow Robotics 24/7 published in October highlighting 10 companies building humanoids.

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