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The Robotics Applications Conference from Robotics 24/7. October 18, 2023

To Optimize Warehouses, Add Robots and AI
The movement of parts and finished products traditionally required fixed infrastructure and people to walk daily, push heavy carts, and avoid dangerous forklifts. As global supply chain challenges have demonstrated, companies need to apply robots, artificial intelligence, and modern workflow tools to become more resilient and flexible. This keynote will explain how operators and managers can use the latest automation technologies to protect and grow their bottom lines.
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Session 1

Order Fulfillment

Automation and the Future of Fulfillment
From apparel to groceries, robotic picking systems and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) offer speedy fulfillment with a compact footprint. The latest generation of these technologies can also interface with other sortation and conveyor systems, as well as inventory and order-management software. Is it right for you? This session will discuss the pros and cons of robots for order fulfillment.


Session 2


Managing Mobile Robots and
Goods-to-Person Systems
Contrary to the popular belief that robots will replace people, goods-to-person systems move shelves, bins or totes to workers. In addition to tools for managing robot operations, operators can improve efficiency — as long as all parties understand their processes and throughput. This panel will examine best practices for coordinating robots, workers, and other systems.
Session 3

Pick & Place

Save Your Business Money
With Automated Piece Picking
The proliferation of SKUs in e-commerce has long posed a challenge for robot manipulation, but improvements in machine vision and end effectors are enabling increasing productivity. End users don't want to spend a lot of time and effort getting to that point, so suppliers and integrators have devised interfaces and bundles of technology to make picking and placing easier. This session will touch on the latest options for fast, accurate robotic picking.


Session 4

Milling and Machine Tending

Collaborative Robots Plus Vision Provide Precision for More Applications
In addition to offering safer operations than industrial robot arms, collaborative robots promise flexibility and ease of use to manufacturers of all sizes. Thanks to improvements in machine vision and motion control, cobots have gotten traction in applications ranging from machine tending and welding to milling.


Session 5

Pallet Handling

Automated Lift Trucks Bring Intelligence to Pallet Handling
Automated lift trucks are growing in popularity in response to widespread safety concerns and labor shortages. From semi-autonomous forklifts to very narrow aisle and high-bay equipment, learn how new sensors and systems are enabling operators to place and reach goods more efficiently than ever before.


Session 6

Human-Machine Interface

How AI Is Improving and
Expanding Automation
Artificial intelligence and automation have long been close cousins. With the advent of large language models (LLMs) like the one used with the famous ChatGPT, AI has leapfrogged ahead, and robotics is quickly catching up.