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Reply Develops Architecture for Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Microsoft Azure
Reply has developed a system using Microsoft Azure to create mobile robot applications such as a rental vehicle inspection system using Boston Dynamics' Spot quadruped.

Createc to Create Custom Integrations for Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot
U.K.-based Createc, which provides systems for nuclear, marine, security, and other markets, will serve as integrator and reseller for Boston Dynamics' Spot quadruped robot for industrial inspection.

Boston Dynamics Acquisition by Hyundai Motor Group From SoftBank Is Complete
Hyundai Motor Group has completed its acquisition of a controlling share in humanoid and legged robot maker Boston Dynamics, and the companies plan to expand their product lines.

10 Ground Robots in Development and Testing for Military Applications
The U.S. Department of Defense and militaries around the world are working to improve the endurance, usability, and autonomy of ground robots for explosive ordnance removal and other tasks.

8 Types of Warehouse Robots by Application
Depending on the task, the space and infrastructure available in the environment, and the need for flexible processes, there are different types of robots for every warehouse.

Precise Motion Control Provides Robots New Degrees of Freedom
Advanced motion control is enabling robots to move with precision and repeatability, which is necessary for collaborative applications such as baking and surgery.

Boston Dynamics Announces Stretch Robot for Warehouse Automation
The new Stretch movable robot arm is designed to enable warehouses and distribution centers to automate box moving without expensive infrastructure changes.

Hyundai Motor Group to Acquire Controlling Interest in Boston Dynamics From SoftBank
Hyundai Motor Group to acquire controlling interest in robotics company Boston Dynamics from SoftBank

Meet Trek, With Autonomous Scanning and Data Collection Super Powers
The combination of laser scanning and autonomous mobility delivers reality capture for building digital twins.

Boston Dynamics, OTTO Motors partner on warehouse automation
In a video released today, Boston Dynamics's logistics robot, Handle, can be seen picking boxes and building pallets on top of OTTO AMRs in a distribution center testbed.

Boston Dynamics acquires deep learning-based vision company
Technology works with leading commercial robotic arms to move boxes off pallets to conveyors or build stacks of boxes on pallets.

Boston Dynamics Robots Include 3D-Printed Components
Boston Dynamics had incorporated additive manufacturing into the construction of its new ATLAS robot.

Robots Will Shape and Alter the World We Live In
Boston Dynamics turned the spotlight to Atlas, the surprising humanoid robot that wowed the world, but this time, Google's Atlas is better and more fit to face unpredictable terrains or...

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