ATI Goes After Metal Fabricators With New CGV-900 Compliant Angle Grinder

ATI has released a new product designed to automate the grinding process and cut down on human labor.

ATI Industrial Automation

ATI's new CGV-900 is now available.
ATI Industrial Automation's new product offers several features designed to streamline grinding and finishing processes.

ATI Industrial Automation yesterday announced the availability of its CGV-900, a compliant angle grinder. The robotic end-of-arm tool is designed to be used for grinding and finishing processes and eliminate the need for humans to do those tasks manually.   

An end-of-arm tool is installed onto a robot arm to extend its capabilities. In a video demonstration, the company highlighted the CGV-900 while it was installed on a FANUC CRX collaborative robot. The company noted it is going after the metal fabrication, automotive, and aerospace industries with the new tool.

Apex, N.C.-based ATI highlighted that the device can be used to help manufacturing facility operators streamline their work and minimize safety risks.

“Combining familiar grinding media with adjustable compliance force makes the Compliant Angle Grinder a safe and efficient replacement for the dull, dirty, dangerous work of grinding by hand,” the company said in a press release. 

CGV-900 outfitted with a vane-style motor

To help ensure the CGV-900 can be used at a consistent speed for grinding and finishing tasks, the company said the tool has a “pneumatic governed vane-style motor with high-torque performance and minimal noise and vibration.”  

“This ensures an even finish throughout the contact path of the tool,” it said.

The CGV-900 also features a compliant force control device that allows the user to adjust the tool while it's being used. That is important, the company noted, because it allows the “unit to compensate for irregularities in part surfaces and maintain contact with the workpiece.”

Position data provides information on media wear

Additionally, the CGV-900 provides position data to help users determine where media wear has occurred during the finishing process.

“This lets users establish media replacement intervals, eliminating unexpected rework and downtime,” it said. “Additionally, the data can be used for process verification.”

The tool is compatible with grinding media such as flap wheels, sanding discs and wire brushes, the company added.

The CGV-900 is the latest end-of-arm tool to come out of the Novanta-owned company. The company also produces robotic tool changers, multi-axis force/torque sensing systems and material removal tools. 

For more information on the CGV-900, check out the company's product page

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ATI Industrial Automation

ATI's new CGV-900 is now available.

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