CapSen Robotics Officially Launches CapSen PiC Software for Robotic Bin Picking With 3D Vision

CapSen will show its technology with partners DENSO and Calvary Robotics at Automate 2023.

CapSen Robotics

CapSen PiC provides intelligence for robots to be able to quickly pick items from cluttered bins.
CapSen Robotics plans to demonstrate its CapSen PiC system, which combines vision and motion control software for bin picking, with partners DENSO and Calvary Robotics at Automate 2023.

CapSen Robotics today announced the official v1.0 release of its CapSen PiC system. The Pittsburgh-based company claimed that it can turn “any industrial robot arm into a robotic workcell designed to tackle today’s most challenging pick-and-place applications.”

“Tasking a robot with making high-speed, accurate picks of parts presents several challenges, including the fact that parts can be randomly piled in containers, stacked on top of one another, or even entangled,” said Jared Glover, CEO of CapSen Robotics. “CapSen PiC takes aim at the most challenging bin-picking problems by combining 3D vision with advanced motion planning and control software to give robots spatial intelligence, and it does so without the need to custom program new parts.”

Glover and industry expert Mark Schnepf founded CapSen Robotics in 2014 with the goal of providing a universal system to give robots spatial intelligence for pick-and-place applications, said the company.

CapSen said its software is widely used in medical and pharmaceutical, automotive, and general manufacturing, as well as in energy and warehousing and logistics.

CapSen PiC promises bin-picking precision

CapSen Robotics saids its flagship product, CapSen PiC, combines 3D machine vision, motion planning, and control algorithms to give robots the ability to locate, pick, and manipulate objects from cluttered bins and shelves. It can correctly detect 3D objects in a range of different positions and orientations, even when partially occluded or in tight, variable workspaces, said the company.

The software provides consistent and complete control of a robot, end effector, and 3D cameras within a robot cell, greatly reducing the integration burden of deploying a bin-picking system, asserted CapSen.

In addition, it said CapSen PiC v1.0 is hardware-agnostic and can ensure collision avoidance while delivering fast and accurate parts picking, regrasping, and even advanced tasks such as detangling and assembly.

“Image processing and planning times of less than one second make it the fastest bin-picking software on the market,” said the company.

PiC-powered robot cells can pick and place up to 30 parts per minute, providing reliable automation for short-run assembly and allowing robots to be repurposed for disparate plant-floor tasks, CapSen noted.

CapSen Robotics to exhibit at Automate

CapSen PiC v1.0 will debut at Automate 2023, which will run from May 22 to 25 in Detroit. In a live demonstration in Booth 1632, CapSen Robotics will pair the software with a DENSO VP-6242. It will help the small assembly robot known for its speed, precision, and longevity to disentangle hooks, said the companies.

“Deploying CapSen PiC allows DENSO robots to manipulate a range of pick-and-place tasks — from small, difficult-to-grasp parts to heavier objects that must be moved quickly and efficiently,” said Mark Anderson, regional sales engineering manager at DENSO, which claimed to be the largest manufacturer of small assembly robots in the world.

In addition, Calvary Robotics will show CapSen PiC at Booth 4007 as part of a medical supply pick-and-place demonstration. Calvary Robotics is a systems integrator partner of CapSen Robotics.

“At Calvary Robotics, we believe in identifying the right partners to help us deliver cutting-edge systems to our customers,” said Michael Marseglia, vice president of sales and business development at Calvary Robotics.

“CapSen PiC is a game-changing software for robotic bin-picking applications, enabling fast and accurate pick-and-place capabilities even in cluttered environments,” he added. “We are proud to offer this innovative technology to our customers and provide them with exceptional solutions.”

CapSen PiC enabled workers at Ace Wire Spring & Form Co. who previously spent a great part of their day putting hooks into the press manually to now do other high-skill tasks that they were trained to do.

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CapSen Robotics

CapSen PiC provides intelligence for robots to be able to quickly pick items from cluttered bins.

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