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Developments in Supply Chain Automation (Video)

Addverb Technologies' CEO for the Americas recently joined us to discuss warehouse challenges and the benefits of automation.

Addverb Technologies

Addverb Technologies is starting to offer its robots, software, and services in the U.S.
Addverb Technologies' CEO for the Americas, Mark Messina, discusses how warehouses can use robots and automation to address pain points and how his company is addressing the growing market.

Supply chains have faced many challenges in the past few years, from trade conflicts and a pandemic to labor and parts shortages. Fortunately, robots are evolving to meet those challenges. “Now's the best time to be in this space,” said Mark Messina, CEO for the Americas at Addverb Technologies.

While most warehouses are not yet automated, the potential is huge. But companies must first understand their own processes, find the best partners, and then apply technology to solve their problems.

Addverb is an India-based provider of automation for warehouses and factories. It has developed systems to help operations increase their productivity, accuracy, and safety. They include autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), carton shuttles, picking technologies, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), warehouse management and execution software, and industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

In this Robotics 24/7 podcast video, Editorial Director Eugene Demaitre discusses with Messina what end users should know about robots and data, the importance of support, and how his company is expanding. They cover the following robotics trends and topics:

  • How the robotics market has grown to meet logistics challenges, including the “Amazon effect” and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Why collecting and using data is critical for global supply chains, as well as managing innovation
  • Addverb's value proposition as “the Tesla of integrators”
  • Maturing hardware and software equal automation nimbleness
  • When to integrate automation with enterprise systems
  • Addverb's entry into the U.S. market and its priority of building relationships
  • Whether competition, specialization, and quality matter in the warehouse space
  • Why scaling support matters
  • Don't worry about humanoid robots; automation is here to help

Tune in, listen, and watch! 

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Addverb Technologies

Addverb Technologies is starting to offer its robots, software, and services in the U.S.

Robot Technologies