EMI Adds Autonomous Mowing Robots From RC Mowers to Its Fleet

Ohio-based Environmental Management Inc. has deployed robotic lawnmowers to address growing labor shortages.

RC Mowers

Environmental Management Inc. is an early adopter of the new RC Mowers' Autonomous Mowing Robots and said the technology could mitigate labor shortages.
EMI is an early adopter of RC Mowers' AMR, joined its remotely operated product line. The Columbus, Ohio-based commercial landscaper said the robots will address labor shortages.

More robots are coming to commercial landscaping. Environmental Management Inc. has begun deploying Autonomous Mowing Robots, or AMRs, developed by RC Mowers. Columbus, Ohio-said EMI said the technology will help it deal with labor shortages.

“The future of mowing is here, and we're proud to be one of the early adopters of the AMRs,” stated Mark Wehinger, president of EMI. “This new technology is revolutionary as we look for solutions to offset the labor shortage. This allows us to scale our business with less labor, and it enables our high-value talent the opportunity to do more high-value work.”

When Wehinger and Gary Clark started EMI in 1992, they only had two employees and 20 customer accounts. By the end of its first year, the company had generated a revenue base of $350,000 and 31 clients.

Since then, EMI has grown to achieve an average annual revenue of more than $33 million and a full-time staff of 125 employees. It is one of the largest individually-owned landscaping companies in central Ohio. EMI has earned the National Landscape Industry Accredited Company designation, and it said it employs some of the most certified landscape technicians and managers.

RC Mowers builds safety into AMRs

Founded in 2018, Embankscape Equipment LLC does business as RC Mowers and manufactures autonomous and remotely operated robotic mowers. The company, which is based near Green Bay in Suamico, Wis., said its systems can improve opportunities for profitability and growth for landscaping contractors and public works departments.

RC Mowers also serves city, county, state, and federal parks systems and roads departments. The company said all of its robotic mowers are designed and manufactured in the U.S., have a 30-day buy-back guarantee, and come with a 72-hour parts-shipping guarantee. It has a dealer network in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

The Autonomous Mowing Robots joined RC Mower's remote-operated product line last year, and the company began delivering them in May. Its team, which has experience from the defense, aviation, and robotics industries, developed the AMRs.

The AMRs include anti-collision, object-detection, and security capabilities. The robots will only operate in autonomous mode when they are deployed inside an authorized mowing-plan boundary, explained RC Mowers.

The AMRs come with significant safety controls because they are often used on public property in the presence of the general public, said the company. It also provides training to its AMR customers so that their landscaping teams can safely and effectively deploy the mowers, said Michael Brandt, CEO of RC Mowers.

“The great thing about these mowers is that one operator can generate the same revenue as a crew of three,” he said. “This not only reduces a landscaping company's reliance on labor; it [also] enhances their profitability in a safe and reliable manner.”

EMI expects robotic mowers to become commonplace

EMI is one of the first landscaping companies to purchase AMRs.

“We're thrilled to have EMI on board to showcase this revolutionary product in the central Ohio region,” said Brandt. “EMI is a visionary in the lawn and landscaping industry. Their decision to use the AMRs will inspire other landscaping businesses to consider and implement this new technology.”

Wehinger said his crews are excited about the potential of the autonomous mowers.

“It might be interesting to see a self-driving mower at work, but we envision that this will soon become something that is commonplace,” Wehinger said. “We can't wait to put them to work for our clients.”

Landscapes USA put one of RC Mowers' remotely operated robotic mowers to work and said it instantly reaped huge results.

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RC Mowers

Environmental Management Inc. is an early adopter of the new RC Mowers' Autonomous Mowing Robots and said the technology could mitigate labor shortages.

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