Nine Korean Robotics Companies to Be Featured in Korea Pavilion at Automate Exhibit Hall

This will be KAR's first time showcasing at a North American trade show.

Korea Association of Robot Industry

A snapshot of the robots that will be displayed at the Korea Pavillion at Automate.
The Korean Association of Robot Industry will be displaying the technologies of some up-and-coming robotics companies from Korea.

Nine Korean companies will showcase their technology later this month at Automate as part of a special section of the exhibit floor called the “Korea Pavilion.” The pavilion will be run by the Korea Association of Robot Industry, or KAR, and will feature Cobotsys Co., Dogu Co., HCNC Co., Neuromeka Co., Rainbow Robotics Inc., RS Automation Co., TAEHA Corp., Twinny Co., and UnD Co.

The companies will be located at Booths 3250 through 3452. While KAR has participated in other trade shows in Europe and Asia, Automate will be its first in North America.

It said it chose to make its North American debut at Automate because it has become “a reliable platform for global companies in the automation and robotics industry to showcase their new technologies and exchange ideas.”

In a press release announcing the Korea Pavilion, KAR highlighted that while China remains the largest market for Korean robot companies with exports worth of $319 million, the United States is the second-largest market with exports amounting to $204 million.  

“Growing demand for energy conservation, higher efficiency and productivity, and remote monitoring will drive the growth of automation, too. In response to the increasing demand for automation facilities and systems in the United States, some of the major Korean robot companies such as Hyundai Robotics, Doosan Robotics, Rainbow Robotics, and Neuromeka have opened offices in the country to expand their operations,” KAR said in the release.

A map of the Korean Pavillion at Automate. Source: KAR 

KAR promotes small Korean robotics companies

A KAR official in a statement said that Korean robotics companies have tried to gain traction in North America but have faced many challenges. KAR is hoping to help those companies overcome those hurdles.

“We hope to alleviate the difficulties of Korean SMEs and promote marketing for them to expand their channels to North American market. Korean products show high performances and are reasonably priced, which make them appealing to North Americans who seek products with decent prices,” the official said.

Here is a rundown of the technologies each of the companies will highlight:

  • COBOTSYS Co., Neuromeka Co., and Rainbow Robotics Inc. will feature collaborative robots used in manufacturing and Food & Beverage services.
  • DOGU Co. will show autonomous mobile robots for security
  • TWINNY Co. will introduce an autonomous mobile robot specially designed for order picking in logistics
  • HCNC will demonstrate integrated IT services to perform robot-based automation. RS Automation Co., Ltd. will show PC-based multi-function controller and servo drive for factory automation
  • TAEHA Corp. will demonstrate an auto-dispensing system and equipment

Automate runs from May 22 to May 25 at the Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit. For more on the show, check out Robotics 24/7's special coverage page

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Korea Association of Robot Industry

A snapshot of the robots that will be displayed at the Korea Pavillion at Automate.

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