Plus One Partners With Yaskawa to Provide Robotic Induction Systems for Materials Handling Customers

Plus One also highlighted Yonder, its remote supervision software.

Plus One Robotics

Yaskawa and Plus One are working together.
Plus One has a new customer program with Yaskawa. It recently highlighted out FedEx is using Yaskawa robotic systems outfitted with its vision software.

Plus One Robotics has partnered with Yaskawa Motoman on a new customer program that combines its AI vision software with Yasakwa's robots to complete induction and depalletizing tasks.

“We’re proud that the Plus One solutions not only achieve the throughput necessary to fill the workforce gap experienced by all distribution centers, but do so with near 100% fulfillment accuracy,” said Plus One CEO and co-founder, Erik Nieves, who previously worked at Yaskawa. “This not only keeps the operations running 24/7, but also provides benefits like ergonomics, safety, and the flexibility to handle the variance associated with seasonal shipping schedules.”

FedEx is a key Plus One customer

The company highlighted that FedEx is using 12 new Yaskawa induction systems that take advantage of Plus One's software at its FedEx Express Hub in Memphis, TN. FedEx had previously installed four other Plus One systems at the facility.

Additionally, Plus One successfully introduced its mixed depalletizing systems at the FedEx Reno, NV facility. Plus One said its mixed depalletizing systems allow for easier, more efficient movement of cases from palleted shipments throughout the FedEx facility.

“The technology in these depalletizing arms helps us move certain shipments that would otherwise take up valuable resources to manually offload,” said Brian Marflak, FedEx vice president of Global Engineering, Research and Technology.

“Having these systems installed allows team members to perform more skilled tasks such as loading and unloading airplanes and trucks,” he said. “This has been a great opportunity for robotics to complement our existing team members and help them complete tasks more efficiently.”

Plus One Robotics highlighted its remote supervision software, Yonder, noting that its key tool in helping workers remotely supervise the robots.

“With Plus One’s incredibly fast image acquisition and processing, Yaskawa robots can achieve maximum production potential,” stated Doug Burnside, Yaskawa Motoman vice president of North American sales and marketing. “This, combined with the intuitive Yonder remote supervisor support helps to efficiently and accurately manage robot operation for more fluid production.”

Plus One at Automate

Alex Patterson, a spokesperson for Plus One Robotics told Robotics 24/7, the company will showcase live demos of a similar induction cell at Automate at booth 419.

“Customers can not only see the induction solution in action but ask our team any questions about how the software works with the robot,” she said.

Founded in 2016 by computer vision and robotics industry experts, Plus One said its intelligent solutions combine computer vision, AI, and supervised autonomy to pick parcels for leading logistics and e-commerce organizations in the Global 100.

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Plus One Robotics

Yaskawa and Plus One are working together.

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