Pudu Robotics Rolls Out PuduBot 2 Universal Delivery Robot

The new PudoBot 2 features a new longer-lasting battery, SLAM technology, and dual lidar.


Five years after introducing its first PudoBot, Pudu Robotics has released the PudoBot 2, which it said has more battery life, increased stability, and greater navigation capabilities.

Pudu Robotics this week unveiled its newest commercial service shelf robot designed for deliveries, the PuduBot 2. The PuduBot 2 features a seven-layer adjustable tray to be used for a variety of service tasks in industrial facilities, leisure and entertainment venues, retail stores, supermarkets and more, the company said. 

Shenzhen, China-based Pudu claimed that the PuduBot 2’s high-performance lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery can provide up to 24 hours of operational battery life on a three-hour charge. Besides the increased sustainability, the PuduBot 2 also comes with an upgraded system that increases driving stability by 30%, it said.

The company released the original PuduBot in 2017. 

New tech cuts deployment times by 75%

The PuduBot is equipped with Pudu Robotics' self-developed PUDU simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology. It also features an fusing laser and visual positioning navigation technology that the company said can cut deployment times by 75% without the need to redecorate ceilings. Pudu said this ensures stable operation even in environments with ceilings up to 20 m (65 ft.).

In addition, the PuduBot 2 has dual lidar sensors that allow it to constantly and accurately visualize its surroundings and make intuitive course adjustments, according to the company.

With the PUDU OS, users can use an intuitive toolkit to design mapping paths and directions for their mobile robot fleets and keep track of each robot's whereabouts at all times by using the smartwatch app.

Each PuduBot 2 can communicate not only with users, but also with other nearby devices. It automatically calibrates the best pathing for increased efficiency and flow over the shared network.

Pudu's other commercial systems include the PUDA A1 compound delivery robot, the PUDU CC1 cleaning robot, the Swiftbot delivery robot, the FlashBot building delivery robot, the Kettybot delivery and reception robot, the Puductor 2 disinfection robot, and the BellaBot premium delivery robot. 

Pudu layoffs part of staff

Pudu Robotics is among a handful of robotics companies that have announced layoffs over the past few weeks. The company’s CEO attributed the layoffs to the impact of the COVID-19, as well as failing private equity investments, and the company’s long road to profitability, according to the South China Morning Post

Last year, Pudu raised close to $155 million in Series C funding. 

PuduRobotics new PuduBot 2.

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