Raymond Corp. Unveils Intralogistics Portfolio Including Automation

Raymond says its systems provide "end-to-endless" solutions for materials handling operations.

The Raymond Corporation

Raymond Corp.'s portfolio includes AGVs and lift trucks.
Raymond Corp. said its "end-to-endless" intralogistics suite for materials handling includes automated guided vehicles, software, and support services to enable greater visibility and efficiency.

The Raymond Corporation yesterday announced an intralogistics suite that it said can help materials handling operations stay efficient and productive in today's competitive landscape. From forklifts and telematics to operator-assist technologies and energy system, the Greene, N.Y.-based company said it is a single source for innovative products, best-in-class service, and software-based, data-powered solutions.

“Our total-solutions approach empowers all facets of an operation to succeed by providing complete facility visibility through smarter, more connected and more efficient processes and technologies,” stated Michael Field, president and CEO of Raymond. “We're excited to demonstrate that Raymond is much more than a forklift company by showcasing our capabilities as a single-source provider for end-to-endless intralogistics solutions.”

Raymond tailors 'end-to-endless' offerings for customers

The Raymond Corp. said the experts in its Solutions and Support Centers can identify solutions and tailor recommendations that are the right fit for each operation's unique needs. The Toyota Industries company cited robotics, lift trucks, conveyors, maintenance, and picking systems as examples of “end-to-endless intralogistics solutions that optimize, integrate, and manage the logistical physical flows of supply, production and distribution within material handling operations.”

“We're making it easier than ever before for our customers to understand the complete range of solutions Raymond offers,” said Dave Norton, vice president of customer solutions and support. “We're proud to share a new portfolio of resources, including brochures, videos and white papers to help material handling professionals learn more about how intralogistics solutions can optimize, connect, and automate their operations.”

Full portfolio

Raymond said its full portfolio of intralogistics solutions includes automation, materials handling equipment, connected technologies, and support services.

The company's automation offerings consist of automated guide vehicles (AGVs), automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), robots, and consulting services. They are intended to make production and distribution processes quicker, easily repeatable, consistent, and cost-effective while maximizing existing labor and resources.

Raymond added that its material handling equipment is intended to help handle, stack, and store goods more efficiently. Products include forklifts, energy products, racking and storage, dock and door equipment, conveyors and carousels.

The company said its connected technologies enable organizations to move forward with scalable, flexible and intelligent warehouse technologies and bring visibility across all departments. They include telematics, labor management systems, asset and maintenance management systems, training reinforcement and supervisory tools, virtual reality and e-learning technologies, real-time location systems, and operator assist technologies.

In addition, Raymond's support services provide experienced consultants, application engineers, and automation systems experts to simplify the integration and implementation process. Services include lean management, data analysis, engineering services, consulting, lift truck and equipment maintenance, and financing.

Raymond Corp. discusses automated intralogistics solutions that work together to optimize operational efficiency and productivity, including operator assist technologies like Zoning and Positioning, IADS and Pick to Light Systems; AGVs and automated storage and retrieval systems.

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The Raymond Corporation

Raymond Corp.'s portfolio includes AGVs and lift trucks.

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