10 Takeaways From A3’s Autonomous Mobile Robot and Logistics Conference

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Industry increasingly recognizes need for interoperability

Interoperability among robots from different vendors was the subject of a session and several discussions at A3’s AMR & Logistics Conference, such as a meeting of the Robot Operations Group (ROG).

They culminated ​in the first demonstration of the MassRobotics interoperability standard at FedEx’s DART Center by Vecna Robotics, Waypoint Robotics, and WiBotic.

“We helped connect the groups working on this and are encouraged by the fact that people are recognizing the need,” said A3’s Jeff Burnstein. “As FedEx has noted, not just AMRs but all robots need to talk. Charging is the next step in MassRobotics’ efforts, and it’s early on in standardization.”

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10. Industry increasingly recognizes need for interoperability

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