BlueBotics and ProLog Automation Partner to Drive AGV Adoption in Germany

The Swiss vehicle navigation leader has teamed up with the Stuttgart-based AGV experts to promote its Autonomous Navigation Technology across Germany.


BlueBotics is exhibiting at events including ProMat and LogiMAT 2023.
BlueBotics, whose Autonomous Navigation Technology is designed for automated guided vehicles, is working with integrator ProLog Automation to help German companies adopt robotics.

BlueBotics SA and ProLog Automation GmbH last week announced that they have entered a strategic partnership to encourage adoption of automated guided vehicles, or AGVs, across the German manufacturing and logistics sectors.

“This partnership is exciting news for BlueBotics,” said Dr. Nicola Tomatis, CEO of BlueBotics, in a press release. “Germany is the most developed market for industrial and mobile robotics in Europe, and ProLog Automation has been a key component of that growth.”

With more than 20 years of industry experience, BlueBotics provides its Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT) and expert support to help customers bring their AGVs, automated forklifts, or mobile robots to market.

BlueBotics aims to grow ANT-driven robot fleets

BlueBotics described ANT as a “market-leading” natural feature navigation technology. Companies can build on the software platform for robust, scalable, and even interoperable fleets of automated vehicles, it added.

More than 4,000 ANT-driven AGVs are currently in operation worldwide, claimed St-Sulpice, Switzerland-based company.

The unit of ZAPI Group also offers, an educational resource to help professionals explore how mobile robotics can help their businesses thrive. BlueBotics said it expects its partnership with Stuttgart, Germany-based ProLog Automation to help German industry.

“Together, we will enable more German businesses to reap the flexibility and robustness benefits that ANT technology – and our partners’ ANT-driven vehicles—can bring, meaning more successful German AGV projects and more competitive German businesses in these challenging times,” said Tomatis.

ProLog to build on consulting, integration expertise

Under the terms of the agreement, BlueBotics engineers will extensively train ProLog Automation’s AGV consulting and integration teams on ANT.

“This collaboration is a perfect alignment, combining our team’s deep industry knowledge with ANT, which is clearly today’s leading AGV navigation platform,” said Marco Bernstein, head of partner management at ProLog. “Having an internal team of ANT experts here at ProLog, and working closely with BlueBotics and its vehicle partners, will mean we can help more German businesses benefit from the efficiency and productivity benefits that mobile robots can bring.”

ProLog Automation provides services for manufacturers and users of AGVs and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The company said its experts can help customers “realize projects and services in a cost-effective and timely manner.”

ProLog supports mobile robot makers in the aftersales business in the areas of maintenance, repairs, and modifications. It said it also provides service hotlines.

The company offers mobile robot users consulting packages, simulations, project management, training, and mentoring. ProLog said its partners and customers include well-known AGV and AMR makers and medium-sized companies.

ProLog Automation said its experts will check customers' logistics data to form the basis for sound decision making.

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BlueBotics is exhibiting at events including ProMat and LogiMAT 2023.

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