Dexory announces first U.S. deployment with DB Schenker

DexoryView AI-enabled digital twin platform can monitor multiple conditions across facilities


AI-powered digital twin platform DexoryView leverages AMRs to monitor inventory, environment, and hazards throughout facilities, creating actionable insights.
Dexory deployed its AI-powered digital twin platform DexoryView to one of DB Schenker’s sites, which can monitor inventory, environment, and hazards throughout facilities.

Inventory management robot provider Dexory recently announced the first deployment of its robotics and artificial intelligence systems in the United States. 

Dexory’s technology is now in use at one of DB Schenker’s sites in Utah. This deployment follows Dexory’s North American expansion announcement in early February.

At DB Schenker’s site, Dexory unveiled its DexoryView AI-powered digital twin platform with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Dexory said the deployment has resulted in the generation of real-time data points, providing DB Schenker with immediate insights into its operations.

“This live deployment signifies a major step forward in Dexory's mission to revolutionize how businesses approach logistics and operational efficiency,” said Oana Jinga, chief commercial & product officer at Dexory. 

DB Schenker gets real-time visibility of very narrow aisles

Logistics and supply chain management provider DB Schenker will leverage Dexory's technology to enhance its real-time visibility of stock and occupancy tracking capabilities. With a focus on promoting efficiency and optimizing resource utilization, the DexoryView platform scans the very narrow aisle area of the site, covering 40,000 pallet locations daily. 

Leveraging computer vision and AI, Dexory said its DexoryView platform provides clear, visual insights for every shelf and height level, eliminating the need for manually checking discrepancies and ensuring important operational information is easily accessible. It also emphasizes priority actions, helping to make operations more efficient. 

“We are excited to introduce Dexory's promising technology in our warehouses,” said Daniel Spencer, director of solutions & engineering at DB Schenker Americas. “The deployment of Dexory's robotics and AI solution underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and highlights our pursuit of operational excellence.”

Dexory said the collaboration with DB Schenker’s team has been instrumental in ensuring success of the integration and utilization of DexoryView. Working in tandem, both teams are committed to maximizing the potential of the collected data, enabling the effective deployment of robotics and AI in the logistics and supply chain industry. Dexory said it looks forward to further collaborations and deployments. 

DexoryView can monitor inventory, environment, and hazards throughout facilities

Dexory introduced its DexoryView AI-powered logistics engine in January 2023. The company said it can help warehouses maximize operational efficiency, optimize inventory management, and enhance the overall warehouse agility and responsiveness.

Through its multi-site digital twin platform, Dexory said it will now enable warehouse operatives to process millions of precise data sets captured daily across warehouses via its autonomous robots, providing real-time access to insights and predictive analytics that enable businesses to make smarter, faster decisions.

Dexory said the combination of computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and large language models will allow warehouse operators to maximize efficiency across critical drivers such as space utilization, inventory, working time, and machinery utilization. 

Dexory said its AI-powered applications can transform three parts of its customers’’ businesses:

  • Warehouse performance: implementation of slotting methods, consolidation of stock, space optimization, and path planning can maximize warehouse value to enhance revenue and drive cost optimization. Rapid audit and analysis of inventory across reserve, pick, and bulk locations can drive operational efficiency by saving thousands of hours yearly.
  • Issue detection and response:  image analysis and machine learning models can automatically detect and address issues like damaged stock, fallen inventory, and rack infrastructure damage. 
  • Environmental monitoring: sensor fusion across various data sets, including temperature, humidity, and gas detection can track and address critical surrounding factors over time to control if goods are stored in appropriate conditions.

AI-enabled inventory control system can provide actionable insights

Through AMRs, DexoryView can scan warehouses of 1 million square feet and over 100,000 pallets in a day, which Dexory said can provide accurate, instant, real-time information on goods and assets across the sites. 

Leveraging AI algorithms and AMR-mounted sensors, Dexory said its DexoryView platform can now power logistics teams with time to make data-driven decisions on operations, even outside of inventory management, all through a single cloud-based platform

“Traditionally the logistics industry relies heavily on historical data snapshots, making it highly reactive and prone to error,” said Andrei Danescu, CEO and co-founder of Dexory. “The pandemic started a major shift towards real-time, actionable insights. 

“Our autonomous robots already give an unprecedented level of visibility on inventory within warehouses. Now combined with AI, we’re allowing our customers to enter a new era of efficiency and productivity.”

By addressing use cases with technology, Dexory said it is helping to propel the logistics industry forward, allowing supply chains to become more efficient, agile, and responsive to emerging challenges.

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AI-powered digital twin platform DexoryView leverages AMRs to monitor inventory, environment, and hazards throughout facilities, creating actionable insights.

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