10 Technologies for Autonomous Vehicle, Robotics Developers From NVIDIA’s GTC 2021

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NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar enables AI assistants

While humanoid service robots are still somewhat rare, NVIDIA’s Omniverse Avatar is a platform to generate interactive AI avatars. It connects the company’s speech, computer vision, natural language processing, recommendation engines, and simulation technologies.

NVIDIA claimed that Avatar can be tailored to any customer-service application, such as taking restaurant orders, banking transactions, and making personal appointments.

“The dawn of intelligent virtual assistants has arrived,” said Jenson Huang. “The use cases of collaborative robots and virtual assistants are incredible and far-reaching.”

NVIDIA’s CEO demonstrated Avatar examples at GTC, including Project Tokkio for customer support, DRIVE Concierge for connected vehicles and automated parking, and Project Maxine for videoconferencing.

For Project Tokkio, Huang showed a real-time conversation with an avatar designed to look like a toy of himself.

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1. Jetson AGX Orin adds processing horsepower

2. NVIDIA adds acceleration libraries, SDKs

3. Omniverse Replicator for Isaac Sim, robot manipulation

4. NVIDIA DRIVE Sim for autonomous vehicles

5. ISAAC Sim includes ROS support

6. NVIDIA DRIVE Orin supports all kinds of vehicles

7. DRIVE and DeepMap enable crowdsourced maps

8. Orin supports Clara Holoscan for surgical robots

9. NVDIA Modulus learns the laws of physics

10. NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar enables AI assistants

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