10 Technologies for Autonomous Vehicle, Robotics Developers From NVIDIA’s GTC 2021

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NVIDIA DRIVE Orin supports all kinds of vehicles

From autonomous trucks to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) in sports cars, numerous vehicle makers and suppliers are using the high-performance compute of the DRIVE Hyperion 8 system, said NVIDIA.

NVIDIA DRIVE is NVIDIA’s full-stack and open platform for autonomous vehicles, and Hyperion 8 is NVIDIA’s latest hardware and software architecture.

The sensor suite includes 12 cameras, nine radars, 12 ultrasonics and one front-facing lidar. All are processed by two NVIDIA Orin systems on a chip (SoCs). Luminar Technologies Inc. was named as a lidar supplier.

Baidu is using the SoC and sensor suite to develop its third-generation Sanxian platform for self-driving cars.

Similarly, QCraft will use NVIDIA’s hardware in its robotaxis and robotic buses, which it expects to start offering in 2023.

Level 4 autonomous truck developer Kodiak Robotics (which just raised $125 million) and retrofit kit provider Plus both also plan to use DRIVE Orin to enhance object detection and overall performance and safety, said NVIDIA.

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1. Jetson AGX Orin adds processing horsepower

2. NVIDIA adds acceleration libraries, SDKs

3. Omniverse Replicator for Isaac Sim, robot manipulation

4. NVIDIA DRIVE Sim for autonomous vehicles

5. ISAAC Sim includes ROS support

6. NVIDIA DRIVE Orin supports all kinds of vehicles

7. DRIVE and DeepMap enable crowdsourced maps

8. Orin supports Clara Holoscan for surgical robots

9. NVDIA Modulus learns the laws of physics

10. NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar enables AI assistants

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