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The Robotics Applications Conference from Robotics 24/7. Recorded October 5, 2022

Machine Tending Session

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Machine Tending and Welding With Robots

In addition to safer operations than industrial systems, collaborative robots offer flexibility and ease of use to manufacturers of all sizes. Cobots have gotten traction in applications such as machine tending and welding, which require precision and adaptability. This session will discuss how to train robots to augment your workforce and ensure that they deliver an ongoing return on investment – often through a robotics-as-a-service model.
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Josh Pawley, vice president of business development and founding partner at Vectis Automation

Josh Pawley is a founding partner of Vectis Automation and leads Vectis’ business development and application engineering teams. He has over a decade of robotic welding and applications experience, which has given him both the passion and the know-how to help manufacturers identify how to improve weld processes with automation

Brian Havey, director of sales at VersaBuilt Robotics

Brian is an electrical engineer that went into technical sales about 25 years ago. He enjoys selling compelling technical products, like VersaBuilt CNC Machine Tending solutions, that have a significant positive impact on our customers. In his spare time, Brian enjoys his Siberian Huskies, whitewater rafting and skiing.

Al Youngwerth, founder and CEO of VersaBuilt Robotics

Al has been making innovative products for more than 35 years. After a 15-year career in software development, Youngwerth founded Rekluse Motor Sports, a manufacturer of high-performance motorcycle clutches, in 2002. In 2015, he founded VersaBuilt Robotics to commercialize high-mix automation technology developed at Rekluse to the world market. Youngwerth holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from California State University, Chico in Computer Science. When not tinkering with robots or new business opportunities, he enjoys riding anything on two wheels, flying airplanes and racing cars.


Cesareo Contreras
Cesareo is associate editor at Robotics 24/7.