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The Robotics Applications Conference from Robotics 24/7. Recorded October 5, 2022

Palletizing Session

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Truck Unloading: Lift Trucks and the Next Frontiers for Robots

Robots have steadily climbed in capability. The latest generation of heavy-duty autonomous mobile robots, tuggers, and lift trucks can change how orders are assembled and shipped. New systems promise to make materials handling tasks such as loading and unloading trucks easier for logistics and manufacturing operations. This session will delve into new applications as robots grow in prowess.
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Tyler Wilson, Toyota North America

Tyler is an internal logistics engineer and engineering manager at Toyota North America in Lexington, Ky.

He is a graduate of Northwood University, where he earned a BBA in Business Administration


Cesareo Contreras
Cesareo is associate editor at Robotics 24/7.