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The Robotics Applications Conference from Robotics 24/7. Recorded October 5, 2022

Keynote Session

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To Optimize Warehouses, Add Robots and AI

The movement of parts and finished products traditionally required fixed infrastructure and people to walk daily, push heavy carts, and avoid dangerous forklifts. As global supply chain challenges have demonstrated, companies need to apply robots, artificial intelligence, and modern workflow tools to become more resilient and flexible. This keynote will explain how operators and managers can use the latest automation technologies to protect and grow their bottom lines.
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Aaron Prather, director of the Robotics & Autonomous Systems Program at ASTM International
Aaron is director of the Robotics & Autonomous Systems Program at ASTM International, a technical standards organization. He was previously senior technical advisor at FedEx Express and is a noted technology evangelist who has spoken at numerous robotics events nationwide.


Eugene Demaitre
Eugene is editorial director
of Robotics 24/7.

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