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The Robotics Applications Conference from Robotics 24/7. Recorded October 5, 2022

Pick & Place Session

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Piece Picking Gets Faster With Robotic Perception

The proliferation of SKUs in e-commerce has long posed a challenge for robot manipulation, but improvements in machine vision and end effectors are enabling increasing productivity. End users don't want to spend a lot of time and effort getting to that point, so suppliers and integrators have devised interfaces and bundles of technology to make picking and placing easier.This session will touch on the latest options for fast, accurate robotic picking.
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Sandeep Sakharkar, CIO of GXO Logistics
Sandeep's career spans two decades in executive roles with multinational companies, where he led large technology organizations to achieve transformational change through digitalization and data science.

Prior to joining GXO, Sakharkar held senior IT roles as XPO Logistics’ senior vice president, logistics technology; Foot Locker’s global head of core retail and infrastructure; and as Johnson & Johnson’s IT firector for the Asia-Pacific region, followed by director of digital technology for its EMEA region. Earlier, he was practice head at Cognizant Technology Services in Europe.

Jake Heldenberg, senior manager, sales consulting for Vanderlande
Jake works to make sure that customers are successful and as senior manager, North American warehouse sales consulting, focuses on how Vanderlande can transform each new customer’s challenges into long-term, scalable success. Heldenberg has extensive experience working with a wide range of customers. He began his career at Vanderlande as a sales consultant and also worked in sales engineering.


Eugene Demaitre
Eugene is editorial director of Robotics 24/7.