Seegrid Forms ‘Blue Labs’ R&D Group for Mobile Robot Innovation

Autonomous mobile robot provider launches in-house team to develop future material handling automation.


Seegrid has launched automated workflows for its Palion AMRs and a cloud-based data analytics program.
Seegrid said its new Blue Labs in-house innovation team will work to build on its Palion autonomous mobile robot hardware and enterprise software.

Seegrid Corp. today announced the creation of its Blue Labs internal research and development group. The Pittsburgh-based robotics supplier said it expects the group to build on its proprietary, artificial intelligence to accelerate its expansion in the manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics sectors.

Seegrid provides autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), the Fleet Geek and Supervisor software, and services for connected materials handling automation. It also offers product design, deployment, change management, user training, and data consultation services.

“Blue Lab’s team of talented researchers anticipate quickly revealing additional pathways to transform material handling for incorporation into Seegrid AMR and software solutions,” stated Todd Graves, chief technology officer of Seegrid. “With a team of the best innovators in mobile automation, we have the vision, ambition, and expertise to make our customers even more competitive in their ability to meet demand.”

Seegrid addresses AMR demand

Seegrid claimed that it has been a technology innovator since its founding by roboticist Hans Moravec, the company’s chief scientist. The company said its Palion AMRs, which combine data from 3D lidar, stereoscopic cameras, and other sensors, have driven more than 5 million production miles without personnel safety incidents.

The company said it can help businesses in the supply chain network remain agile while ensuring that flow of goods is both steady and safe. Some of the biggest brands in the world use its systems to fill labor shortages, increase throughput, and improve overall material flow, according to Seegrid, which said it has experienced rapid growth and demand.

This year, the company has launched multiple new automated workflows for its fleet of Palion AMRs along with a cloud-based data analytics platform. It has also focused on faster development of new products and rapid expansion of its product offerings.

Blue Labs to iterate, experiment

“The Blue Labs team will closely monitor emerging technologies and develop solutions to further advance Seegrid’s industry-leading portfolio of products,” said Brennan Sellner, senior director of advanced advanced development at Seegrid. “With our R&D team in place, Seegrid can accelerate and expand product development to incorporate new technologies and solutions into Seegrid’s product lines.

The team includes “world-class automation experts, many with Ph.D.-level expertise in robotics and computer vision systems,” said the company. As an in-house innovation team, Blue Labs will look both at emerging technologies and potential commercial applications.

“Blue Labs was created to answer the big engineering questions for new products and capabilities, determining if the ideas in consideration are a good fit for Seegrid, our customers, and the market,” Sellner wrote in a blog post. “Our group leverages Seegrid’s deep market knowledge and our team’s broad range of expertise to strategically investigate and provide recommendations, proofs of concept, and prototypes to our other engineering teams while identifying new pathways to quickly bring the future of material handling automation to our customers.”

The team also has a mandate to experiment and collaborate to advance AMRs and related technologies.

“Our Blue Labs team has an entrepreneurial mindset: iterate quickly, explore aggressively, and work to rapidly adopt or discard new ideas and technologies,” said Sellner. “In order to maximize talents and gain a full understanding of the complex topics we will address, Blue Labs members will work collaboratively with other teams and departments to conduct research, consulting subject matter experts and thought leaders throughout the innovation process.”

“We’re excited to continue pushing the limits of what’s possible in mobile automation,” he said. “We want to elevate human potential, creating a safer and more rewarding environment for the humans working alongside our AMRs. With Blue Labs’ strategic exploration and ingenuity, the ongoing evolution of our industry-best technology will accelerate, helping our customers expand their operations and achieve more than ever before.”

Seegrid said its AMRs can help supply chains increase productivity, ensure safety, deliver strong ROI, and scale effectively.

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Seegrid has launched automated workflows for its Palion AMRs and a cloud-based data analytics program.

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