Smart Robotics Launches Mixed Case Palletizer to Help Warehouse Operators Address Bottlenecks

The company said the system can autonomously stack randomly mixed item batches to optimize the distribution of small batch loads.

Smart Robotics

Smart Robotics said the new system will help increase throughputs at warehouses.
Smart Robotics' new robot is a palletizer designed to handle mixed-SKU case pallets.

Smart Robotics said its Smart Mixed Case Palletizer is designed to help warehouse operators tackle the challenges of manual palletizing mixed SKUs. The system excels at stacking mixed cases, the Netherlands-based company explained.

At present, following a mixed SKU stacking pattern, the Smart Mixed Case Palletizer can pre-sort mixed batches of items, packaged in medium to large (up to 25kg) boxes, from the sorter to pallet. Based on the robot’s stacking accuracy and palletizing efficiency, small load distribution improves, the company claimed.

The robot’s stacking behavior is not limited to packages that are of the same size or weight and it can predict its own stacking sequence, Smart Robotics said. It does not rely on a predetermined stacking pattern, meaning the robot can govern itself to efficiently sort and stack randomly mixed parcels as they come in.

“Customer demands are ever changing and with timely deliveries becoming an even greater factor in customer satisfaction, brands and retailers cannot afford delivery delays stemming from insufficient warehousing processes. By implementing the Smart Mixed Case Palletizer, item handling can be achieved with greater speed and accuracy at distribution centres, which better enables same day delivery,” said Johan Jardevall, CEO at Smart Robotics.

Smart Robotics installing first system at sporting company

Smart Robotics said the first customer to use the new system is a leading sports brand with a warehouse in Europe. It is currently preparing to install the robot system, it explained. The objective, the company said, is to test touchless shipping and faster delivery times when a parcel moves from the warehouse to transport.

By automating this phase in the logistics process, decentralised warehousing grids can be planned more efficiently to cut back on parcel travel time, since the Smart Mixed Case Palletizer aims to reduce multiple steps in the warehouse and distribution network, noted the company.

Smart Robotics - Pick & Place Solutions - teaser

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Smart Robotics

Smart Robotics said the new system will help increase throughputs at warehouses.

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