Vecna Robotics Offers Performance Guarantee to Accelerate Adoption of Warehouse Automation

Vecna says guarantee, along with its RaaS model, orchestration software, and 24/7 support, can help newcomers to mobile robots.

Vecna Robotics

Vecna said its robotics-as-a-service model provides operational flexibility.
Vecna Robotics, which provides autonomous mobile robots, the Pivotal orchestration software, and a 24/7 Command Center, now provides guarantees based on customer-defined metrics.

Vecna Robotics today announced a performance guarantee to reduce risk for newcomers to automation and to simplify and accelerate the deployment of mobile robots in warehouses and factories across the U.S. The Waltham, Mass.-based company said it based its guarantee on customer-defined success criteria such as throughput, workflow tasks completed, and uptime.

Warehouses are between 10% to 25% understaffed, with material handlers and forklift drivers to move pallets representing the largest labor gaps at 34% and 31%, respectively, found a recent survey by CITE Research and Vecna Robotics.

And while Interact Analysis projected the global warehouse automation market to expand to $69 billion by 2025, there are still obstacles to adopting automation at scale, including cost, return on investment (ROI), change management, and operational disruption, noted Vecna.

“Executives in warehousing and distribution are telling us that they need to get automation projects approved, funded, and deployed more quickly,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of Vecna Robotics, in a release.

“Instead of providing a standard SLA [service-level agreement], we’re flipping the script,” he added. “We believe that a performance guarantee on customers’ terms—along with our RaaS pricing and 24/7/365 Pivotal Command Center—will help drive mass adoption by ensuring that predefined performance gains and ROI expectations are met.”

Performance guarantee complements Pivotal

Vecna Robotics said its new performance guarantee is designed to address operators' concerns by giving them the opportunity to evaluate systems firsthand. More than 90% of the company's projects are now provided through robotics as a service (RaaS)— a streamlined model for acquiring, deploying, and servicing automation for a low annual fee.

Once deployed, Vecna said its Pivotal Command Center monitors its systems. The complimentary offering observes all autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) around the clock and can remotely resolve issues on the rare occasion when human assistance is required, the company claimed.

And now, an investment in a Vecna Robotics system will be underwritten by a customer-defined performance guarantee.

“We want to give operators, and new adopters to automation in particular, the confidence to start their journeys with low risk and maximum value over the near term,” said Josh Kivenko, chief marketing officer at Vecna Robotics. “We are committed to seeing zero daylight between a customer’s performance goals and the solutions that we provide.”

“If they are not fully satisfied with their deployment on those terms, they can simply update their contract with us or send the robots back,” he said. Vecna Robotics provided more details about its RaaS offerings, Pivotal Command Center, and performance guarantee on its website.

Vecna Pivotal provides analytics

Pivotal is just one part of Vecna's systems to facilitate automated materials handling. Source: Vecna Robotics

About Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics said its award-winning AMRs provide intelligent materials handling and are engineered to seamlessly work with “the labor, equipment, facilities, and systems that make business go.” The company's self-driving forklifts, pallet trucks and jacks, and tuggers work with its Pivotal orchestration software and Command Center.

Vecna said its systems can help distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing organizations automate their most critical workflows, maximize throughput, and scale operations fast.

Earlier this year, the company cited the case study of how it helped logistics provider GEODIS “reimagine” its processes. It also acknowledged that collaboration with human workers is key to successful robot deployments.

Employing the right automation strategy can have a large impact on productivity gains, said Vecna Robotics.

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Vecna Robotics

Vecna said its robotics-as-a-service model provides operational flexibility.

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