8 Types of Warehouse Robots by Application

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Unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are commonly used in warehouses to improve inventory control. Just like the autonomous inventory robot, drones are typically equipped with RFID scanners and cameras that let them scan bar codes and monitor inventory levels up to 50% faster than any human workers would be able to.

This table shows the pros and cons of drone usage in warehouses.

For a more detailed overview — including the pros and cons of each robot type, product specifications, price estimates, suppliers, etc. — see Meili Robots’ guide to warehouse robots by application. Keep in mind that any prices, specifications, and recommendations are an approximation and are not guaranteed.

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1. Automated forklifts

2. Towing AGVs

3. Unit load and heavy burden carriers

4. Automated storage and retrieval systems

5. Articulated robot arms

6. Automated guided carts

7. Autonomous inventory robots

8. Unmanned aerial vehicles

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