8 Types of Warehouse Robots by Application

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Articulated robot arms

Consisting of a multi-jointed limb that can pick up goods, move, and put the goods down again, articulated robot arms can be used for a variety of applications — from picking and packaging to receiving, storing, and vehicle loading.

One of the main advantages of robotic arms such as the new Stretch from Boston Dynamics is that they can handle tasks that are unsafe for human workers. At the same time, they are able to accurately move unit loads and huge amounts of inventory in one go to improve the overall fulfillment process.

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1. Automated forklifts

2. Towing AGVs

3. Unit load and heavy burden carriers

4. Automated storage and retrieval systems

5. Articulated robot arms

6. Automated guided carts

7. Autonomous inventory robots

8. Unmanned aerial vehicles

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